Ping this blog! Plane table into CAD software

Well the attached image shows a rather failed attempt to pioneer a process honoured by the ancients, yet never before brought kicking and screaming into the modern era, and shows huge potential, in my humble opinion. Plane tabling is what mapped thw vast expanse of America before the theodolite came along, it is simple and yet has been abandoned in favour of the more complex specialist approach. I believe bringing back the plane table, together with a modern approach using an Android Phone’s GPS function, may democratize mapping and surveying again.

The rather messy graphic JPEG shows my attempt to enter the data I obtained in my garden last summer – I did the survey 11 June 2013 – last summer! so forgive me for not entering the data correctly. The other issue I had was which sofzware to use and I chose Microstation as I had an old copy lying on my PC – I am an old cartography bloke you see.

So what did we learn from these rather scrappy initial efforts? That a single sheet per station surveyed is the way to go, to collect clean angles and avoid ambiguity. some insight was also gained into how to store the data one day perhaps inside the Android phone, in some kind of database, should we get that far.

So here is the rather lousy incomplete image of the house and garden surveyed. Bear in mind that I am l relearning Microstation having not used it in almost a decade.







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