Keep it Cartesian!

Okay so yesterday 20June I was out inthe garden and managed to collect a fullset of coords using my plane table. Here is the data. Needs heavy organising!

All angles run in clockwise direction from both stations.

Station 1:

N47 deg 52.346 E11deg 41.684 (4.5m error)

Ray# distance (m) angle               description

1            10.25              115                 corner of lindlfeldweg/bergfriedstr

2           23.45               245      corner adjacent to markus house

3          17.6                  252      bearng/dist to station 2

4           6.7                   286         south wall (right)

5           8.9                    307        left of front door

6           7.1                   333        right of front door

7          18.9                  348         ne corner of house

8           15.1                 353            ne corner /L shaped wall)

Station 2:

N 47 deg 52.340 E11 deg 41.684 (6m error)

1           17.1                     7                  nw corner of house

2           6.6                       38                sw corner (tomatoes)

3           6.2                      145               sw corner border with marcus

4          19.8                   335             nw corner of garden


So, from this data we ought to be able to develop some kind of plotting “language” algorithm. Stations ought to be separately specified in the new “language”.

The next mini project ought to be finding a way to plot this data.


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